Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Searching For Silence"

On June 25th 2009

Searching for silence is a loud path on which one shouldn’t become deaf.

© 2021

"Blueberry Tea"

On January 17th 2006

Find me in your blueberry tea.

A stain, a high tone.
I never want to be alone.

© 2021

"Earth's Flow"

On December 5th 2007

The seasons let go,
changing the earth’s flow,
i’m struggling to extend a day ago,
oh please tell me it isn’t so.

© 2021

"Oerol Festival"

On June 16th 2010, written in West-Terschelling

Je schone schijn is immer fijn,
maar nu de voorstellingen afgelopen zijn,
komt via de wadden en de duinen:
een warm hart voor bij het opruimen van de puinen.

© 2021

"Your Eyes"

On October 15th 2009

Let your eyes guide you,
for truth seldom comes through the ears.

© 2021


On August 5th 2005

Whenever the sky breaks clear,
i wonder if what i felt was fear.

Did she just took that key,
unlocked my soul and set me free?

© 2021

"Fragile In A World Of Greed"

On February 4th 2009

Swimming with the sharks naked makes you vulnerable. Swimming with the sharks in armor makes you sink. Either feed the sharks naked or get your rusty ass out of the water.

© 2021

"The Key"

On January 10th 2012

The key you hold today,
carries the weight of curiosity going all the way.

Blinded what i saw in your green eyes,
i went up into the heavenly skies.

My intentions revealed from the depth,
was the love that i never got to accept.

© 2021

"The Moment Of Tomorrow"

On November 15th 2009

Archive today into the subconscious for it to fulfill its purpose in the moment of tomorrow.

© 2021

"A Divine Gift"

On September 14th 2009

In contemplation of worth,
I walk the most spiritual place on earth.

Step by step I follow the trail,
to reach my life’s holy grail.

The Potala Palace looks at me,
urging me back one step to see:

What I just stepped over,
is a long lost four leaved clover.

I am struck by this gift so divine,
please bring it peacefully, and make our hearts shine.

© 2021

"De Gele Jas Uit 1986"

On March 3rd 2013

De klein man,
met zijn gele jas.

Hij wordt er verlegen van,
dat komt hem later wel van pas.

© 2021

"The Best Answer"

On June 22nd 2009

Life is adapting to disabilities.

The best answer is preceded by a non question.

© 2021

"From My Hand"

On December 20th 2008

This echo in me,
tells me to be,
to chase the feelings that are free.

I read the palm of my hand,
to find out where i stand,
to feel if i can or can’t.

© 2021

"It's Temporary"

On December 8th 2009

I am your valuable idea, grab me while i’m here. Before i get pulled back into the great vast ocean of the subliminal.

© 2021

"Heavens Birth"

On 18th of March 2013

Find your leaves in green,
all grown up to be seen.

Little by little from just a seed,
you followed the suns plead.

Now pop a bud só bright,
with magnificent colors left and right.

Make it smell só fine,
you'll have butterflies waiting in line.

Despite your toes in muddy earth,
your flowers' worth, in this heavens birth.

© 2021


On April 4th 2009

The image i see vibrates from my beating heart,
my spirit is there contemplating its part.

© 2021

"De Wind"

On March 10th 2013

Bomen worden oud,
en mensen rijpen...

Als een vliegtuig die je vouwt,
en zich door de wind... laat grijpen.

© 2021

"Iceland Pops"

On March 1st 2008

A lifetime’s experience with dad,
hopefully enjoy laughter and sad.

Learn from him as a friend,
to strengthen our hart before one gets send.

© 2021

"Find Your Home"

On January 31t 2009

I am falling because the world is calling, stop the roam and go find your home.

© 2021

"Turning Tides"

On March 25th 2009

Woman turns man into liar,
men turns man into lion,
only man can turn its back to the turning.

© 2021

"From Passed Clouds"

On October 7th 2011

From passed clouds,
raindrips on the windows,
still a blue sky,
a crow sits on my rooftop,
i can see by his shadow,
he calls out for the others,
he flies away.

© 2021


On November 18th 2007

Energy doesn’t just come in one way,
next to harmony is stress,
not your best neighbor some would say, accept it’s pressence and live with one worry less.

© 2021


On September 25th 2008

O’ you darned ticking clock,
Pointing us the key in the lock.

O’ you darned life,
tickling the mothers spirit of my wife.

O’ you darned me,
for knowing what it is like to be free.

© 2021

"Choice Of Path"

On June 1st 2009

With mixed emotions I enter my bed,
have i followed to much of what was said?

Was i foolish to let go of what they desire?
Or so lies my path behind what i admire?

© 2021

"Over Veilige Woorden"

On June 24th 2012

Dankbaar voor de dingen die waren,
is met liefde de leegte in staren.

Toch schuilen tranen achter de tijd,
die ons verdriet maar langzaam slijt.

Met voorzichtige stappen door dit grote moeras,
over veilige woorden van een ieder die aanwezig was.

© 2021
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