Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

  Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Hope and Hope"

On April 15th 2011

I’m drowning in a sea of light, i don’t know if it’s yours or if it’s mine.

I’m fighting for air below the bridge that covers our distance, the currents are heavier then the anchor of our love.

I drift of to a place where there is only hope.

© 2018

"Blueberry Tea"

On January 17th 2006

Find me in your blueberry tea.

A stain, a high tone.
I never want to be alone.

© 2018


On April 15th 2009

Sometimes i would question my health,
weighed down by the pace.
Pondering how the cards are dealt,
if figuring it out means going with grace.

© 2018

"A Cold Hand"

On August 25th 2010

Darkness falls,
summer sinks,
a cold hand,
a warm heart.

© 2018

"Er Ligt Schuyl"

On February 11th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Valt geen buyl,
laat U niet leyden door het vuyl.

Gebruikt uw muyl,
en ontdek in allen het goede mensch schuyl.

© 2018

"Focus On The Distance"

On October 7th 2011

Locked in a cage,
hanging by the cords of time.

The rope gets longer,
it swings from left to right,
while i descent into the depths,
unfamiliar and dark.

I focus on the distance,
and imagine where i’m going.

It helps.

© 2018

"A Lifelong Goal"

On December 31st 2011

Boy looked into the eyes of a true soul, reflecting back the gift of a lifelong goal.

© 2018


On April 13th 2009

The color yellow is still owned by her, not knowing if it will ever fade unfamiliar.

A small candle seems to remain in flame, for dreams of another encounter with this dame.

© 2018


On August 5th 2005

Whenever the sky breaks clear,
i wonder if what i felt was fear.

Did she just took that key,
unlocked my soul and set me free?

© 2018

"Our Guardian"

On September 22nd 2008, written in Papeete, Tahiti

Our earth seems to loose some space,
people acting in their endless race.

How can we respect our guardians grace?
I guess we are all afraid to loose face.

© 2018

"Worth Creating"

On April 4th 2010, written in Delft, The Netherlands

At every other occasion i think
i find something worth having,
but no longer i can justify
this approach into which im wrapping.

I cant progress in my relating,
unless i turn it into something worth creating.

© 2018

"Salami Salamander"

On December 10th 2005

Sterk mousserende salami salamander verdronken in spraakwater.

© 2018

"A Divine Gift"

On September 14th 2009

In contemplation of worth,
I walk the most spiritual place on earth.

Step by step I follow the trail,
to reach my life’s holy grail.

The Potala Palace looks at me,
urging me back one step to see:

What I just stepped over,
is a long lost four leaved clover.

I am struck by this gift so divine,
please bring it peacefully, and make our hearts shine.

© 2018

"The Same Light"

On January 21st 2001, written in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My heart is full of words that don’t get out,
I let them go…
to become the blue sky around my cloud.

The moon, the same light,
yet a different sight.

Now a name to sing…
perhaps the lost feathers of my wing.

My heart in snow, my heart far from low,
my eyes shut, that feeling from the gut.

I wish i had more time,
so i’d have more words to rhyme.

The perfect night,
something to hold on… tight.

© 2018

"From Passed Clouds"

On October 7th 2011

From passed clouds,
raindrips on the windows,
still a blue sky,
a crow sits on my rooftop,
i can see by his shadow,
he calls out for the others,
he flies away.

© 2018

"Nickles and Dimes"

On January 17th 2013

Fear not thy nickles and dimes,
for they spit sour pickles, no rhymes.

© 2018

"Same Thought, Different Carrier"

On September 22nd 2008, written in Papeete, Tahiti

Outside the moon and stars shine their bright, until the horizon only a dark ocean in sight.

No longer endeavours by wood and sail, just the silent humming of this bird with it’s iron tail.

© 2018

"Teach Me"

On June 12th 2012

First teach me how to love...
before you'd even consider to teach me something else...

© 2018

"This Is It..."

On April 4th 2011

Left with choice,
do i turn the remaining story into a voice?

My mind rejects,
for it is the silence that perfects.

A story so true,
need only exist in the memory of me and you.

Grow my dear friend,
because for ever this love i will defend.

© 2018

"A Cold"

On February 1st 2009

Shadow renders me cold,
gotto get going before my cough is permanently sold.

© 2018

"Find Your Home"

On January 31t 2009

I am falling because the world is calling, stop the roam and go find your home.

© 2018


On June 4th 2006

Memories of then,
thoughts of now,
i’m wondering when,
i’m wondering how.

© 2018

"Oerol Festival"

On June 16th 2010, written in West-Terschelling

Je schone schijn is immer fijn,
maar nu de voorstellingen afgelopen zijn,
komt via de wadden en de duinen:
een warm hart voor bij het opruimen van de puinen.

© 2018

"Even Overstappen"

On February 6th 2012, written in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Uurtjes overbruggen op d'baai aerobay,
fried rice en groene thee.

Op een luie stoel met geluid van golvend zee,
beneden een straat vol winkelend reizigers vee, See Buy Fly zoals je dat vroeger ook wel eens dee.

Slaapwandelend... windje mee,
Al met al niets minder dan lachend okay.

© 2018

"Missing You"

On February 28th 2009

Sleep my little soul,
rest a night.

Dream your goal,
and prepare for the fight.

I have wondered how she is,
but i will let it be.

Take the miss,
and let the remaining love be free.

© 2018
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