Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Eager Calmness"

On December 3rd 2005

Eager calmness,
staring at wise words and candle freedom,
slowly, step by gap.

© 2019

"Window Reflections"

On January 4th 2013

Sometimes life feels like sitting in this train, where on the opposite side a beautiful scenery is lit by sunrise.

I'm sitting there, on the other side...
...staring at leftover light on distant clouds.

© 2019

"Love Is Small"

On March 1st 2011

A mind occupied with the macro, out of touch with the micro.

Love is small,
love is sensible.

Use your senses to cover the senseless.

© 2019

"Teach Me"

On June 12th 2012

First teach me how to love...
before you'd even consider to teach me something else...

© 2019

"Blue Is Red"

On November 15th 2009

For people do not believe blue is red, shall they never turn their good into bad.

© 2019

"Groene Schijn"

On December 3rd 2005

Gras zo groen als de maan.
Een voorzichtige beweging veegt het vuil onder mijn nagel vandaan.

© 2019

"Choice Of Path"

On June 1st 2009

With mixed emotions I enter my bed,
have i followed to much of what was said?

Was i foolish to let go of what they desire?
Or so lies my path behind what i admire?

© 2019

"Focus On The Distance"

On October 7th 2011

Locked in a cage,
hanging by the cords of time.

The rope gets longer,
it swings from left to right,
while i descent into the depths,
unfamiliar and dark.

I focus on the distance,
and imagine where i’m going.

It helps.

© 2019


On April 28th 2011

It’s not about the A to B,
nor the 2 or 3,
perhaps a little about the Y and Z.

But mostly about the free, when I am who I be, while together means you and me.

© 2019

"In Prospect"

On July 10th 2009

I can feel my body leaving behind a day, long ahead in search of tomorrow’s way.

© 2019

"Another Day"

On June 25th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Dearly as I await,
A fragile being in this state.

I feel the fire,
Your hand in mine to carefully admire.

Our future seems unsure,
Oh god, I hope we will endure.

Let these fearful feelings ease, So the next question need not end in please.

Realize that love you cannot own, Remain to care about the seeds allready sown.

© 2019

"Over Veilige Woorden"

On June 24th 2012

Dankbaar voor de dingen die waren,
is met liefde de leegte in staren.

Toch schuilen tranen achter de tijd,
die ons verdriet maar langzaam slijt.

Met voorzichtige stappen door dit grote moeras,
over veilige woorden van een ieder die aanwezig was.

© 2019

"A Divine Gift"

On September 14th 2009

In contemplation of worth,
I walk the most spiritual place on earth.

Step by step I follow the trail,
to reach my life’s holy grail.

The Potala Palace looks at me,
urging me back one step to see:

What I just stepped over,
is a long lost four leaved clover.

I am struck by this gift so divine,
please bring it peacefully, and make our hearts shine.

© 2019

"Writing Time"

On December 20th 2008

A full mind to unwind,
just writing time to find.

© 2019

"It's Coming Together"

On June 5th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

See the clouds, hand in hand.
Gently casting shadows over land.

They’re at ease like the trees,
by just going with the breeze.

It is true what i sent,
for i believe in you my friend.

© 2019

"From My Hand"

On December 20th 2008

This echo in me,
tells me to be,
to chase the feelings that are free.

I read the palm of my hand,
to find out where i stand,
to feel if i can or can’t.

© 2019

"Reflections Upon Society"

On May 30th 2010

My body is full of desires that aren’t mine, it pulls me in and pushes me out.

I justify it by thinking it has taken the major part. I let it be, i play the victim.

© 2019

"A Hand Full"

On July 13th 2009

Why reach out for love,
when it’s not love you want to receive,
but when it is love you want to give.

© 2019


On November 1st 2009

Selfishness is realizing life is a joke and you are the only one laughing.

© 2019

"The Key"

On January 10th 2012

The key you hold today,
carries the weight of curiosity going all the way.

Blinded what i saw in your green eyes,
i went up into the heavenly skies.

My intentions revealed from the depth,
was the love that i never got to accept.

© 2019

"The Free Spirit"

On March 27th 2009

The spirit roams free
when nobody knows me,
mere the sound of silence,
and the comfort of sense.

© 2019

"Een Verlies"

On June 12th 2012

Op ons netvlies, verloren in tijd.
haar laatste adem, een mooie wolk.

Laat haar vliegen, naar een droom.

In jeugd, in liefde, in leven.
De berg die haar onmiddelijk betoverde.

© 2019

"The Sparkle Of Your Eye"

On December 4th 2009

In a dark night sky, imagine soft 'n bright dots that can fly.

They’re really up quite high... and some people love to dream why.

When you patiently give it a try, you’ll see it’s signs they imply.

Animals and figures will reflect from the sparkle of your eye. Telling you stories without a need to confirm or deny.

You’ll find they are your best companions in times of cry, after all has changed they might even be the only thing on which you can rely.

Then later, on a day you don’t feel shy, perhaps a story like this, is what into another heart you’ll wish to apply.

© 2019

"Our Time"

On June 3rd 2012

The unknown,
is where i am at.
The known is where i'm from,
hand in hand,
we embark,
no questions,
no doubt,
we let go,
it's our time.

© 2019

"Missing You"

On February 28th 2009

Sleep my little soul,
rest a night.

Dream your goal,
and prepare for the fight.

I have wondered how she is,
but i will let it be.

Take the miss,
and let the remaining love be free.

© 2019
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