Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Er Ligt Schuyl"

On February 11th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Valt geen buyl,
laat U niet leyden door het vuyl.

Gebruikt uw muyl,
en ontdek in allen het goede mensch schuyl.

© 2020

"Nickles and Dimes"

On January 17th 2013

Fear not thy nickles and dimes,
for they spit sour pickles, no rhymes.

© 2020

"Even Overstappen"

On February 6th 2012, written in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Uurtjes overbruggen op d'baai aerobay,
fried rice en groene thee.

Op een luie stoel met geluid van golvend zee,
beneden een straat vol winkelend reizigers vee, See Buy Fly zoals je dat vroeger ook wel eens dee.

Slaapwandelend... windje mee,
Al met al niets minder dan lachend okay.

© 2020

"A Divine Gift"

On September 14th 2009

In contemplation of worth,
I walk the most spiritual place on earth.

Step by step I follow the trail,
to reach my life’s holy grail.

The Potala Palace looks at me,
urging me back one step to see:

What I just stepped over,
is a long lost four leaved clover.

I am struck by this gift so divine,
please bring it peacefully, and make our hearts shine.

© 2020

"Een Verlies"

On June 12th 2012

Op ons netvlies, verloren in tijd.
haar laatste adem, een mooie wolk.

Laat haar vliegen, naar een droom.

In jeugd, in liefde, in leven.
De berg die haar onmiddelijk betoverde.

© 2020

"Still Family"

On February 23rd 2012, written in Agra, India

I've been wondering where you where, all this time spent in the uncompromised state of mind. A long bus drive, a heated sun, and there you where.

Welcomed again, as part of the family. I had to carry you through cultural heritage, a little heavy. I'm sorry to say, you drag me down a little, not to forget you made me miss the Taj Mahal sunset.

But anyway, i can't be mad at you. We are still family.

You are my fatigue.

© 2020


On November 15th 2007

The life that is shown,
might not be your own,
what you feel is what you chase,
until you reach the end of your maze.

© 2020

"Hope and Hope"

On April 15th 2011

I’m drowning in a sea of light, i don’t know if it’s yours or if it’s mine.

I’m fighting for air below the bridge that covers our distance, the currents are heavier then the anchor of our love.

I drift of to a place where there is only hope.

© 2020

"Window Reflections"

On January 4th 2013

Sometimes life feels like sitting in this train, where on the opposite side a beautiful scenery is lit by sunrise.

I'm sitting there, on the other side...
...staring at leftover light on distant clouds.

© 2020

"The Best Answer"

On June 22nd 2009

Life is adapting to disabilities.

The best answer is preceded by a non question.

© 2020

"Your Eyes"

On October 15th 2009

Let your eyes guide you,
for truth seldom comes through the ears.

© 2020


On March 4th 2009

The mind is so sharp at peak,
let it slide and find yourself back at weak.

Crawl back up from this riddle,
and find yourself somewhere below the middle.

© 2020

"Earth's Flow"

On December 5th 2007

The seasons let go,
changing the earth’s flow,
i’m struggling to extend a day ago,
oh please tell me it isn’t so.

© 2020

"The Sparkle Of Your Eye"

On December 4th 2009

In a dark night sky, imagine soft 'n bright dots that can fly.

They’re really up quite high... and some people love to dream why.

When you patiently give it a try, you’ll see it’s signs they imply.

Animals and figures will reflect from the sparkle of your eye. Telling you stories without a need to confirm or deny.

You’ll find they are your best companions in times of cry, after all has changed they might even be the only thing on which you can rely.

Then later, on a day you don’t feel shy, perhaps a story like this, is what into another heart you’ll wish to apply.

© 2020

"Train Truth"

On March 2nd 2013

I climb towards heights where i don't belong, in attempt to find remains of some left behind song.

A bag of words to adore,
until i can't carry no more.

In my house i bring them back up,
and stare at them from an empty teacup.

I role up my sleeve,
and decide if there is anything in there to believe.

I try all there is to combine,
and find a few that rhyme just fine.

I distil them as a whole,
and let them speak directly into my soul.

This is just what i do,
driven by hope to cast a smile upon you.

© 2020


On April 12th 2006

As stories remain untold,
the lighthouse increases its illumination,
but ceases to touch the waves ahead.

© 2020

"Your Part"

On December 1st 2007

Find me on your body,
in the shape of a heart,
the half next to mine,
will forever be your part.

© 2020

"Writing Time"

On December 20th 2008

A full mind to unwind,
just writing time to find.

© 2020

"The Key"

On January 10th 2012

The key you hold today,
carries the weight of curiosity going all the way.

Blinded what i saw in your green eyes,
i went up into the heavenly skies.

My intentions revealed from the depth,
was the love that i never got to accept.

© 2020

"Single Breath"

On March 25th 2006

Observing soul with ethnographic intentions, limited by the urge to explain life in one single breath.

© 2020

"A Thin Piece Of Vanity"

On June 20th 2012

The root of a thin piece of vanity,
like a broken antenna, loosing signal.

It has caused enough noise, when i tried to listen. The noise has faded, and all i hear now is music playing.

My hands reached out in front of me. No longer cold, no longer alone. Take them, and dance with me, on the melody that never stops.

Embrace them and sing with me, to the song that stays true. Keep them and dream with me, of love, of stories... our story.

We will write a happy end and leave a trail, to reinvent.

© 2020

"Salami Salamander"

On December 10th 2005

Sterk mousserende salami salamander verdronken in spraakwater.

© 2020

"Every Day Life"

On February 5th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Voices around me speak of day to day, while life outside carries a layer of cold and grey.

Every soul in dream of it’s pray, gently evoked by the emotions they obey.

© 2020

"It's Coming Together"

On June 5th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

See the clouds, hand in hand.
Gently casting shadows over land.

They’re at ease like the trees,
by just going with the breeze.

It is true what i sent,
for i believe in you my friend.

© 2020


On October 5th 2011

These colorful leaves whisper in my ear, the height of autumn is getting near.

It's words make me wise,
and for a moment i close my eyes.

I fall in dreams so dear,
taken away from all and every fear.

The clock runs twice,
awake and still the sun feels nice.

I'll miss your shine in winter grey,
But ill be strong and focus every day.

From now at every season' start
I'll go out and let it whisper to my heart.

© 2020
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