Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

  Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"It's Coming Together"

On June 5th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

See the clouds, hand in hand.
Gently casting shadows over land.

They’re at ease like the trees,
by just going with the breeze.

It is true what i sent,
for i believe in you my friend.

© 2019

"Broken Memories"

On December 2nd 2008

Broken memories unfold,
after a true story was silently told.

Still the image of love’s face,
haunting me with a passionate gaze.

Thinking is what mostly lasts,
of lived dreams in many pasts.

No warmth nor spoken word,
no echo of my dream shall be heard.

A deadline in sight,
causing another late night.

Bringing it to being,
reason enough for another fleeing?

© 2019

"The Moment Of Tomorrow"

On November 15th 2009

Archive today into the subconscious for it to fulfill its purpose in the moment of tomorrow.

© 2019


On November 1st 2009

Selfishness is realizing life is a joke and you are the only one laughing.

© 2019

"Love Or Scare"

On February 4th 2008

Today words are so easy to share,
are they triggered by love or scare?

I ask for no more,
then a love thats worth waiting for.

© 2019

"From Passed Clouds"

On October 7th 2011

From passed clouds,
raindrips on the windows,
still a blue sky,
a crow sits on my rooftop,
i can see by his shadow,
he calls out for the others,
he flies away.

© 2019

"It's Temporary"

On December 8th 2009

I am your valuable idea, grab me while i’m here. Before i get pulled back into the great vast ocean of the subliminal.

© 2019

"Nickles and Dimes"

On January 17th 2013

Fear not thy nickles and dimes,
for they spit sour pickles, no rhymes.

© 2019


On November 15th 2007

The life that is shown,
might not be your own,
what you feel is what you chase,
until you reach the end of your maze.

© 2019

"Waar Jij Bent"

On July 24th 2012

Warm in de wind, tot in de kern.
Waar jij bent, is waar ik blijf.

© 2019

"Our Time"

On June 3rd 2012

The unknown,
is where i am at.
The known is where i'm from,
hand in hand,
we embark,
no questions,
no doubt,
we let go,
it's our time.

© 2019

"Missing You"

On February 28th 2009

Sleep my little soul,
rest a night.

Dream your goal,
and prepare for the fight.

I have wondered how she is,
but i will let it be.

Take the miss,
and let the remaining love be free.

© 2019


On April 12th 2006

As stories remain untold,
the lighthouse increases its illumination,
but ceases to touch the waves ahead.

© 2019

"The Realm"

On October 7th 2012, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

My heart turns cold from grasping why, the rain runs bold from a sky in cry.

I can't escape how it became,
unless i take some risk and step over my shame.

I must reinvent to survive, extend the story of my life.

A dream on a cloud,
far from what i knew, slowly deflating with it's causes out loud.

Is it fear holding me down?
Wings ready to fly, or again afraid to drown?

Be my wing in times of need,
i must enter the realm and accept my options to proceed.

© 2019

"A Divine Gift"

On September 14th 2009

In contemplation of worth,
I walk the most spiritual place on earth.

Step by step I follow the trail,
to reach my life’s holy grail.

The Potala Palace looks at me,
urging me back one step to see:

What I just stepped over,
is a long lost four leaved clover.

I am struck by this gift so divine,
please bring it peacefully, and make our hearts shine.

© 2019

"Your Part"

On December 1st 2007

Find me on your body,
in the shape of a heart,
the half next to mine,
will forever be your part.

© 2019


On July 18th 2009

Irrevocably present amidst the impeccable personification.

© 2019

"Meant To Be"

On May 31st 2012

People aren't meant for each other,
people are meant to be.

And therefore it's clear to see,
that we are meant to help each other be free.

Against currents on the same sea,
peddling in the name of you and me.

© 2019

"De Wind"

On March 10th 2013

Bomen worden oud,
en mensen rijpen...

Als een vliegtuig die je vouwt,
en zich door de wind... laat grijpen.

© 2019

"Life Like Chess"

On December 21st 2008

Life is like a game of chess:
Once you’ve figured it out,
you have probably already been put at checkmate.

© 2019

"Teach Me"

On June 12th 2012

First teach me how to love...
before you'd even consider to teach me something else...

© 2019


On August 5th 2005

Whenever the sky breaks clear,
i wonder if what i felt was fear.

Did she just took that key,
unlocked my soul and set me free?

© 2019

"I Love Wine"

On August 24th 2011

Purple and gold,
On my tongue you rolled.

With a closed eye,
I let you take my senses high.

Flavor my friend,
From this place it'll be you I recommend.

© 2019


On April 15th 2009

Sometimes i would question my health,
weighed down by the pace.
Pondering how the cards are dealt,
if figuring it out means going with grace.

© 2019


On July 18th 2012

i am rock - i am human
i am idea - I am

© 2019
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