Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Our Guardian"

On September 22nd 2008, written in Papeete, Tahiti

Our earth seems to loose some space,
people acting in their endless race.

How can we respect our guardians grace?
I guess we are all afraid to loose face.

© 2020

"Nickles and Dimes"

On January 17th 2013

Fear not thy nickles and dimes,
for they spit sour pickles, no rhymes.

© 2020

"First Word, Last Word"

On June 22nd 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

When streets and alleys felt unheard, I held my breath before writing the first word.

I started running towards the bright, compelled to get a glimse of the light.

Over continents and across the seas, searching for clues to bring mind at ease.

I found no landscape nor sacred advise, radiating the love as a person's eye's.

What we seek should not be eternal, except the history of love, written in life's journal.

I breath out to feel, realizing next door there's something to heal.

Make this the debut,
i am a poet... and so are you!

© 2020

"Hope and Hope"

On April 15th 2011

I’m drowning in a sea of light, i don’t know if it’s yours or if it’s mine.

I’m fighting for air below the bridge that covers our distance, the currents are heavier then the anchor of our love.

I drift of to a place where there is only hope.

© 2020

"Iceland Pops"

On March 1st 2008

A lifetime’s experience with dad,
hopefully enjoy laughter and sad.

Learn from him as a friend,
to strengthen our hart before one gets send.

© 2020


On February 20th 2006

The gentle stream of blood flowing,
the low pounds of the heart beating.

Outside nothing but silence,
my hand reaches out, an empty spot.

© 2020

"Een Verlies"

On June 12th 2012

Op ons netvlies, verloren in tijd.
haar laatste adem, een mooie wolk.

Laat haar vliegen, naar een droom.

In jeugd, in liefde, in leven.
De berg die haar onmiddelijk betoverde.

© 2020

"Every Day Life"

On February 5th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Voices around me speak of day to day, while life outside carries a layer of cold and grey.

Every soul in dream of it’s pray, gently evoked by the emotions they obey.

© 2020

"Focus On The Distance"

On October 7th 2011

Locked in a cage,
hanging by the cords of time.

The rope gets longer,
it swings from left to right,
while i descent into the depths,
unfamiliar and dark.

I focus on the distance,
and imagine where i’m going.

It helps.

© 2020


On October 5th 2011

These colorful leaves whisper in my ear, the height of autumn is getting near.

It's words make me wise,
and for a moment i close my eyes.

I fall in dreams so dear,
taken away from all and every fear.

The clock runs twice,
awake and still the sun feels nice.

I'll miss your shine in winter grey,
But ill be strong and focus every day.

From now at every season' start
I'll go out and let it whisper to my heart.

© 2020

"Another Day"

On June 25th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Dearly as I await,
A fragile being in this state.

I feel the fire,
Your hand in mine to carefully admire.

Our future seems unsure,
Oh god, I hope we will endure.

Let these fearful feelings ease, So the next question need not end in please.

Realize that love you cannot own, Remain to care about the seeds allready sown.

© 2020

"The Running Road"

On March 30th 2008

Tell me why do you run away,
in stead of taking that moment to pray?

the running road knows no end,
an untraceable journey of energy spent.

Face the past and take my hand,
so together we can feel on the road to an end.

© 2020

"Your Eyes"

On October 15th 2009

Let your eyes guide you,
for truth seldom comes through the ears.

© 2020

"Fragile In A World Of Greed"

On February 4th 2009

Swimming with the sharks naked makes you vulnerable. Swimming with the sharks in armor makes you sink. Either feed the sharks naked or get your rusty ass out of the water.

© 2020


On November 1st 2009

Selfishness is realizing life is a joke and you are the only one laughing.

© 2020

"A Lifelong Goal"

On December 31st 2011

Boy looked into the eyes of a true soul, reflecting back the gift of a lifelong goal.

© 2020

"The Realm"

On October 7th 2012, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

My heart turns cold from grasping why, the rain runs bold from a sky in cry.

I can't escape how it became,
unless i take some risk and step over my shame.

I must reinvent to survive, extend the story of my life.

A dream on a cloud,
far from what i knew, slowly deflating with it's causes out loud.

Is it fear holding me down?
Wings ready to fly, or again afraid to drown?

Be my wing in times of need,
i must enter the realm and accept my options to proceed.

© 2020

"Over Veilige Woorden"

On June 24th 2012

Dankbaar voor de dingen die waren,
is met liefde de leegte in staren.

Toch schuilen tranen achter de tijd,
die ons verdriet maar langzaam slijt.

Met voorzichtige stappen door dit grote moeras,
over veilige woorden van een ieder die aanwezig was.

© 2020

"Proof Of Love"

On February 12th 2012, written in McLeod Ganj, India

The purity of a young,
the beauty of a shy.

The nature of a seed sprung,
as all life, given just one try.

Dormant between the moon and sun,
a drop of water, and the blink of an eye.

© 2020

"Bring Light"

On June 4th 2009, written in China, Beijing

Bring light to my mind,
help me find, my path to leave being blind.

When the moment is there,
close your eyes and read with care.

Abandon all you know,
and just go with the flow.

Take in it’s suffering paradigm,
and feel abittered and beloved at the same time.

© 2020

"Er Ligt Schuyl"

On February 11th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Valt geen buyl,
laat U niet leyden door het vuyl.

Gebruikt uw muyl,
en ontdek in allen het goede mensch schuyl.

© 2020

"The Breathless Space"

On September 23rd 2009, written in Tibet

On a tree filled hill in the east,
sits a boy contemplating his priest.

His prayers do not end in please,
for he knows his greatest virtue is to die in peace.

His aim before the breathless space,
to not perish without a trace.

Leave a love and give his mind,
to help the children’s search... turn into find.

© 2020

"Life Like Chess"

On December 21st 2008

Life is like a game of chess:
Once you’ve figured it out,
you have probably already been put at checkmate.

© 2020


On March 4th 2009

The mind is so sharp at peak,
let it slide and find yourself back at weak.

Crawl back up from this riddle,
and find yourself somewhere below the middle.

© 2020

"Teach Me"

On June 12th 2012

First teach me how to love...
before you'd even consider to teach me something else...

© 2020
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