Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

  Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Groene Schijn"

On December 3rd 2005

Gras zo groen als de maan.
Een voorzichtige beweging veegt het vuil onder mijn nagel vandaan.

© 2018

"Een Verlies"

On June 12th 2012

Op ons netvlies, verloren in tijd.
haar laatste adem, een mooie wolk.

Laat haar vliegen, naar een droom.

In jeugd, in liefde, in leven.
De berg die haar onmiddelijk betoverde.

© 2018


On April 28th 2011

It’s not about the A to B,
nor the 2 or 3,
perhaps a little about the Y and Z.

But mostly about the free, when I am who I be, while together means you and me.

© 2018

"Blueberry Tea"

On January 17th 2006

Find me in your blueberry tea.

A stain, a high tone.
I never want to be alone.

© 2018

"I Love Wine"

On August 24th 2011

Purple and gold,
On my tongue you rolled.

With a closed eye,
I let you take my senses high.

Flavor my friend,
From this place it'll be you I recommend.

© 2018


On January 21nd 2008

In my bed for another night,
i’m wondering where you sleep tonight.

I hope you accept the route you choose,
i’m affraid there is one you’ll have to loose.

Keeping my mind from asking how it goes,
requires me to not to let you come to close.

I hate the thought of sin,
oh please, all i want is to give in.

© 2018

"Writing Time"

On December 20th 2008

A full mind to unwind,
just writing time to find.

© 2018

"A Cold"

On February 1st 2009

Shadow renders me cold,
gotto get going before my cough is permanently sold.

© 2018

"Love Is Small"

On March 1st 2011

A mind occupied with the macro, out of touch with the micro.

Love is small,
love is sensible.

Use your senses to cover the senseless.

© 2018


On September 14th 2006

The key towards fulfillment is the path towards the achievement.

© 2018


On February 23rd 2012, written in Agra, India

Tijd kent geen spijt,
wanneer je jezelf van tijd bevrijdt.

© 2018

"A Cold Hand"

On August 25th 2010

Darkness falls,
summer sinks,
a cold hand,
a warm heart.

© 2018


On December 3rd 2005

Gajes in de gang, O wat was hij bang.
Een blik uit het raam, zijn ze hier, zijn ze daar? De deur in het slot, straks hebbe we mot!

© 2018

"Home Safe"

On June 1st 2012

Tears for a life that gave,
for three words needed to be spoken brave.

Share the words we all crave,
and discover the eternal home safe.

© 2018

"Focus On The Distance"

On October 7th 2011

Locked in a cage,
hanging by the cords of time.

The rope gets longer,
it swings from left to right,
while i descent into the depths,
unfamiliar and dark.

I focus on the distance,
and imagine where i’m going.

It helps.

© 2018

"The Best Answer"

On June 22nd 2009

Life is adapting to disabilities.

The best answer is preceded by a non question.

© 2018

"Salami Salamander"

On December 10th 2005

Sterk mousserende salami salamander verdronken in spraakwater.

© 2018

"A Lifelong Goal"

On December 31st 2011

Boy looked into the eyes of a true soul, reflecting back the gift of a lifelong goal.

© 2018


On April 10th 2011

Heavy my head,
carry the stone,
don’t break the surface,
please don’t descend to the depths where there is no more light.

Heavy my head,
be gentle my water,
let your reflection stay in sight,
and shine to where it might,
oh please endure this moment of fright.

© 2018

"Missing You"

On February 28th 2009

Sleep my little soul,
rest a night.

Dream your goal,
and prepare for the fight.

I have wondered how she is,
but i will let it be.

Take the miss,
and let the remaining love be free.

© 2018

"Iceland Pops"

On March 1st 2008

A lifetime’s experience with dad,
hopefully enjoy laughter and sad.

Learn from him as a friend,
to strengthen our hart before one gets send.

© 2018

"De Gele Jas Uit 1986"

On March 3rd 2013

De klein man,
met zijn gele jas.

Hij wordt er verlegen van,
dat komt hem later wel van pas.

© 2018

"The Breathless Space"

On September 23rd 2009, written in Tibet

On a tree filled hill in the east,
sits a boy contemplating his priest.

His prayers do not end in please,
for he knows his greatest virtue is to die in peace.

His aim before the breathless space,
to not perish without a trace.

Leave a love and give his mind,
to help the children’s search... turn into find.

© 2018

"Mirror, Mirror"

On April 12th 2009

Mirror, mirror in her hand,
does faith lie in bricks or in sand?

© 2018

"Even Overstappen"

On February 6th 2012, written in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Uurtjes overbruggen op d'baai aerobay,
fried rice en groene thee.

Op een luie stoel met geluid van golvend zee,
beneden een straat vol winkelend reizigers vee, See Buy Fly zoals je dat vroeger ook wel eens dee.

Slaapwandelend... windje mee,
Al met al niets minder dan lachend okay.

© 2018
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